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GK5 Snow Plough Blade

GK5 Snow Plough Blade

The Kuper GK5 revolutionary snow plough blade offers superior performance over any other blade on the UK market. It offers the ability to plough any surface back to black with the avoidance of damage to objects fixed to the highway including cat’s eyes, speed ramps, and iron works. It will leave a clean surface therefore reducing excessive salting generally used to try and de-ice slush/snow residue left behind by standard blades.

With up to 20 times the life of a standard rubber snow plough blade and reduced down time for fixing replacements. This is a must have product that all winter practitioners should have within their toolkit. The Kuper GK5 snow plough blade can also be fixed to all standard ploughs.

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Key Benefits

  • Lasts up to 20 x Longer
  • Leaves a clean surface
  • Reduces Salt Usage
  • Durable, flexible blades
  • Increased safety
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Damaging System
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the GK5 Snow Plough Blades damage the road surface?
The Kuper GK5 Snow Plough cutting edge ploughs any type of road surface, from cobbles to traffic calming systems, taking them back to black without damaging cats’ eyes, speed ramps or iron works.
What are the potential cost savings?
With the increased durability the Kuper GK5 Snow Plough Blades last on average 20 times longer than standard rubber blades. This provides a cost saving of £7000 compared to equivalent rubber snow plough blades over the same period
Can these be fitted to any Snow Plough?
The Kuper blades can be fitted to any plough, we just need the make and model number of the plough. If we do not hold these in stock they can be produced to fit your plough type. They are not one size fits all
How long do the Kuper Snow Plough blades last?
Generally 20 times the life of a standard rubber blade, drop us a line and request the friction test research report
How do I fit the Kuper Snow Plough blades?
Simply attach using the bolts supplied to the fixing plate of the plough