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Safelane Surface Overlay

Safelane Surface Overlay

SafeLane® surface overlay is a technology unlike anything now being used. Its patented combination of epoxy and aggregate acts like a rigid sponge, storing de-icing chemicals inside and automatically releasing them as snow and ice conditions develop. The SafeLane® overlay system works as follows:

  • Prior to SafeLane® application, a common de–icer is applied to the SafeLane® surface by normal application measures.
  • The unique aggregate in the SafeLane® technology absorbs the de–icing chemical like a reservoir until the next weather event.
  • When weather conditions dictate, the aggregate proactively releases the de–icing chemical before ice or frost can form.
  • SafeLane® surface overlay helps effectively lower the freezing point of the road surface and helps prevent ice or frost from forming. It also effectively “de bonds” any packed snow that forms on the road surface.

The stored de-icing chemical in the aggregate has been shown to be effective through multiple weather events, before it needs replenishing

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Key Benefits

  • Increased Safety - reduces risk of accidents
  • Easy to install
  • Provides traction in all conditions
  • Reduces the formation of ice & frost
  • Reduces costs of pavement maintenance & repair
  • Reduces De-Icer Usage Requirement
  • Environmentally Friendly
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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit will the SafeLane overlay give me?
SafeLane keeps the surface clear of frost and ice by holding on to the de-icer avoiding slips and trips
What are the suitable locations for SafeLane?
SafeLane can be used on Bridge decks, footways, cycleways - known accident hot spots
How often do I need to treat SafeLane with de-icer?
The Frequency of treatment depends on the weather, without a heavy downpour the de-icer should stay and perform for 7 days
What is the make-up of SafeLane?
SafeLane is made up as follows, the base is a waterproof epoxy resin with an aggregate overlay
What size is the aggregate?
The aggregate can be provided in 1-3mm or 6-10mm