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Road Surface Temperature Sensors

Our LoRaWAN invasive road temperature sensor range are easily installed and have a choice of probes to suit your requirements including the measurement of air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. Ideal as an infill sensor to provide critical data throughout your network.

All sensors in the range are battery powered with up to 12 years of life, they are slot cut into the road surface with a probe cable length of 10m supplied as standard (15m available on request). The enclosure sending the data can be mounted to a lighting column or road sign.

Choose between the three sensor options below to suit your needs:

  • Standard Sensor
  • Advanced Sensor
  • High Precision Sensor

Measurement of the surface and air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and battery level can be taken every 10 minutes.

Outdoor Gateway

This LoRaWAN gateway is designed for installation outdoors to a pole or wall.

An indoor power supply unit is also provided as standard (IP67 rated unit for external use available on request).

Backhaul connectivity is provided via an integrated cellular modem with cellular data.

Typical location coverage could expect to achieve a 5km radius (20km optimal on a tall building).

LoRaWAN sensors provide reliable connectivity over several kilometres range with years of battery life. They communicate with the gateways which pass the data to the Hub.

Gateways can provide connectivity to hundreds of sensors including but not limited to parking sensors, street lighting, air quality and waste bin level all feeding into the Hub and REST API.

The Hub

The Hub provides an at a glance view of all your sensors. It also allows you to drill down into the data from an individual sensor.

Key Features:

  • View all of your SafeSense sensors and data in one place.
  • Create your own dashboards which can combine data from multiple projects.
  • Subscribe to notifications when your sensors detect conditions outside defined thresholds.
  • Create users and groups to share dashboards and data.
  • Manage API access to your sensor data.
  • Download data in CSV format for further processing.

The REST API allows seamless communication between The Hub and your weather forecasting provider.

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Key Benefits

  • Wireless technology
  • Multiple sensor capability
  • Road, Air & Humidity data
  • Up to 12 year battery life
  • Simple installation
  • Observation & forecast site
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this installed?
Slot cut embedded sensor with wireless antenna fixed to a pole/structure
How is the data transmitted?
Through LoRaWAN low power comms to a local Gateway
If I don't have an accessible Gateway can you supply one?
Yes, we can supply a Gateway to meet your requirements
What are the main benefits of this sensor?
Low cost, no maintenance with key datasets
What is the accuracy of the sensor?
Accuracy depends on the sensor, range from +/-0.5c to +/- 0.15c