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We are able to supply all your requirements with regards to liquid de-icing production. This ranges from salt saturators that are capable of brining UK brown rock salt, liquid storage tanks, and fully automated blending systems that are capable of combining a number of different liquids to combat ice and snow in the harshest of conditions. Should you wish to find out more regarding this then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Simple to use proven technology that not only has a fast brine production rate but can process either white or brown salt.

The Holten Easy salt saturator is the most technologically advanced brine maker on the market. The production process is fully automated, with no manual valves or switches and access is ID protected for authorised personnel only. It is capable of producing brine by using either white or brown rock salt, as well as marine and evaporated salts. In addition to the saturator, a fully automated blending station is also available, allowing the addition of additives such as Safecote and other chlorides to be injected when temperatures dictate that salt brine alone is ineffective.

For more information on the Holten Easy please download our PDF leaflet.

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