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MARWIS – Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor
The mobile weather sensor which captures critical highway data can be viewed remotely in real time improving road safety and potential anti-icing treatments. Can be fitted to a range of vehicles including spreaders, inspection vans and other highways fleet. MARWIS scans the condition of any number of road surfaces at a rate of 100 measurements per second. Precise data collected includes road surface temperature, friction levels, water film height, ice, snow, relative humidity and due point temperature.

The MARWIS can be used for any number of reasons:
To monitor highways during marginal forecasts and save money by reducing treatments.
To verify conditions following a road accident.
To monitor routes and give actual data from start to finish to assist with future planning and route optimisation.
To assist and integrate with dynamic salting.

For more information on MARWIS please download our pdf leaflet.

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