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Solo Electric Sprayer

We offer a variety of backpack sprayers for Supamix liquid application in winter for use on paths, cycle ways, step areas and driveways. Our backpacks deliver excellent precision, quality and comfort when spreading allowing you to get the best value spreading to combat winter at work or home. Our backpacks come either manually operated or battery operated, can house capacities of up to 20 litres of de-icing liquid and features a handheld sprayer allowing for complete control of your liquid spreading!

Our Solo Electric Sprayers carry in the chemically resistant reservoir a capacity of 20L, each Solo sprayer is equipped with an adjustable jet stream nozzle to accommodate virtually every spraying need. Padded straps make adjustments quick and easy for the user to find the most comfortable setting for themselves helping make spreading a simple and easy task, coupled with the electric spraying capability minimising effort required.
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