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Supamix ULTRA

Supamix ULTRA is an ultra-high performance de-icer and anti-icer, based on a high strength potassium acetate composite formulation (patents pending).

Effective down to -60°C Supamix ULTRA offers typically 2-3 times the performance and active life of conventional potassium acetate based de-icers, and upto 4 times that of salt brine.

Supamix ULTRA has been designed and independently tested to offer the ultimate de-icing/anti icing performance. If offers all the corrosion benefits of other potassium acetate de-icers, whilst delivering significant increased residual on the surface.

Supamix ULTRA can be applied at less than half the rate of conventional 50% potassium acetates and 25% of the application rates for sale brine. It has much lower environmental impact, (COD/BOD), than conventional potassium acetates, even before lower application rates are considered.

It is supplied as a ready-to-use liquid in 500 litre and 1000 litre IBC’s, as well as bulk road tankers. Intended areas for use include bridge decks, railway platforms, cycleways, pavements, tunnels and all sensitive areas.

For more information on Supamix ULTRA please download our pdf leaflet.

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