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Supamix KA

Supamix KA is a potassium acetate based liquid de-icer and anti-icer. It is effective down to -30°C and performs to extreme temperatures with almost zero corrosion.

It has been designed to offer the corrosion and performance advantages of potassium acetate based de-icers in an economical package. Completely chloride free and formulated with corrosion inhibitors, it offers extremely low levels of corrosion and is particularly suited to corrosion sensitive applications where chloride based de-icers are or could potentially be damaging, this includes (but is not limited to) roads, rail, bridges, tunnels and steel or reinforced concrete structures. It is non-toxic, with low COD and BOD values and has a low environmental impact, including in sensitive watercourses.

It is supplied as a ready-to-use liquid which offers full, even surface coverage and instantaneous effectiveness, with no need to be ‘bedded in’ under traffic. It may be applied with a wide range of vehicle mounted, towed or hand-held sprayers. Where a low corrosion, environmentally sound de/anti-icer is preferred, Supamix KA is the perfect solution.

For more information on Supamix KA please download our PDF leaflet.

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