Why Choose Us

  • With Safecote treated salt we achieve a year on year savings of £80,000
    S. SmithLeicestershire City Council
  • Testing by the Environment Agency clearly shows that there is no negative results from using Safecote in Switzerland
    Kanton Bern
  • With Safecote in our brine we will spread at lower rates than standard pre-wet
    Lincolnshire City Council
  • The GK5 snow plough blade has allowed us to remove all the snow off the carriageway in one visit
    Oldham MBC, C.Dale
  • The ceramic plough blades were found to be capable of removing snow to reveal the carriageway in one pass
    Worcestershire CC, N.Yarwood
  • We have reduced our spread rates using Safecote treated salt in line with Appendix H seeing increased performance and reduced cost
    Halton BC, D.Wilkinson
  • The Supamix de-icing liquid provides de-icing performance in cold winter conditions when brine alone would not perform
    Norfolk CC, T.Bemrose
  • Using Safecote treated salt over recent winters has proved to be cost, operationally and environmentally beneficial
    Hertfordshire CC, D.Twigg


Safecote is an innovative winter service solutions company that is able to offer a turnkey solution to your winter service issues, whatever the challenge. Each and every one of our products is unique and offers unrivalled performance, exceptional value for money and environmental benefits. Independent research and testing of our products is common place and we offer an open-book policy with these studies. Our experience in winter service is significant. We are a founder member of the National Salt Spreading Research Group, (NSSRG), which has now evolved in to the National Winter Service Research Group, (NWSRG). This group has been responsible for driving policy standards forward in the UK over recent years. In addition we are regular attendee’s at winter service conferences around the world, and have given many papers on snow and ice clearance issues at international forums. We continually strive to improve winter service standards by learning from best practices globally and introducing new technologies in markets where benefits should accrue. In addition to the highways market, we also offer products and services that are ideal for the footway, cycleway, facilities management and domestic sectors.

Our case studies offer you more information on the products we offer and their performance in real world situations. We have client produced case studies available from the download links in this section detailing why Safecote was chosen to help with their winter service and an in-depth analysis of the performance and benefits.

Glasgow City Council Case Study Feb 2010 pdf download link
Worcestershire County Council Environmental Services Report on trial of ceramic insert snow plough blades Feb 2012 pdf download link

Our main client base consists of over 100 local authorities and maintenance contractors benefitting from Safecote’s products and services. In addition, we operate in 8 other European Countries, and in some cases cooperating with other European winter service companies in order to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are always looking to diversify our client base and research potential markets, recently expanding towards smaller scale businesses coupled with the introduction of our online shop.