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BM Road Service System

BM Road Service System

The BM Road Service System is an advanced system which manages critical winter weather data and activities of salt spreaders and other vehicles using GPS. Comprising of a number of additional modules it allows the customer to optimise routes, despatch actions and manage highways defects all in real time.

Basic System
Management of any vehicle movements being salt/liquid spreaders, grass cutters, gully cleaners, waste vehicles, etc. Salt stock control, automated customised and exception reports and public feeds are also standard features of the system together with updated weather information from your forecaster and RWIS units giving decision support functionality in line with your code of practice.

Route Optimisation
Create and update your optimised routes as and when required, static/fixed to ensure you are allowing for changes to your network and priorities. Changeable during the winter season allows for road diverts, etc.

Dynamic Route Optimisation
Data from weather feeds and historic information allow dynamic routing which will calculate the most efficient and cost effective way to treat only critical areas of your pre defined network.

Avoid the need to make numerous phone calls/texts between supervisors and operatives, MobiWin can carry out this automatically once the action is determined. View who is on duty and dispatch routes/jobs to the operatives smart phone/tablet. Live acknowledgement of the call-out status can be viewed with an overview of the action initiated and timings. Routes are automatically updated to the vehicle navigation tablet.

Highway Maintenance
Log and report defects on your network via an app on the inspectors smart phone/tablet. All data is viewable on MobiWin instantly showing images, location, etc. Then creating works orders with time scales and follow up, costings and invoices if required.

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Key Benefits

  • Improved Productivity & Fleet Efficiency
  • Limitless Route Optimisation
  • Saves Time & Costs
  • Works with existing GPS Technology
  • Track Fleet in Real Time
  • Auto Salting Functionality
  • Manage Road Defects
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create new routes?
Yes, you can create new route and also edit existing. This can be done quickly and easily as many times as you like
Does the software have navigation to work through the new routes?
Yes, this is provided via an app and route cards
Can I track all vehicles?
The system allows you to track any vehicle, whether it be a grass cutter through to gritting and waste vehicles
Can I monitor treatments/work progress live?
Map and vehicle searches within specific timelines can be searched for historically as well as live stream feeds to track all vehicles and activities
Would I be able to send out activities/work to my operatives using the system?
Yes, a job can be created on the system and sent to the operative/s for download via an app saving a huge amount of time calling and confirming the details