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In this section you can find various independent reports carried out by several bodies investigating the benefits of some of the products and services that we offer.  Each report contains an introduction to give you a flavour of the reports aims and content.


In June 2003 CAPCIS were approached by Safecote Ltd to conduct a preliminary evaluation of their Safecote Liquid additive for corrosion inhibition characteristics using electrochemical techniques.

Such techniques are short-term in nature, but provide a valuable insight as a screening comparator of performance.

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This report summarises the findings from TRL's study in to the use of the Safecote Liquid additive for use on UK roads.  For further details regarding either phase 1 or phase 2 of this work please contact us

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UU - Freezing Point

This is a study carried out by Ulster University looking into the de-icing capabilities of the Safecote Liquid additive, when mixed with various amounts of chloride brines

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UU - Skid Resistance

This report details a laboratory investigation to determine the effect of the Safecote Liquid additive on the skid resistance characteristics of 22 different sources of aggregate with a range of polished stone value. The effect of the Safecote application was compared to materials that may cause change in skid resistance.

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