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Eco Ice Melt - Solid De-Icer

Eco Ice Melt - Solid De-Icer

Eco Ice-Melt from Safecote is a premium biodegradable solid de-icer containing marine salt, Safecote liquid and corrosion inhibitors making it the perfect solution for your winter service needs. Eco Ice-melt is 60% less corrosive than traditional rock salt and also excels in its lifespan, working efficiently up to 7 days after application.

One of the key motivators to using Eco Ice-Melt solid de-icer over standard rock salt is that it uses up to 50% less material to cover the same area, making it a superb option to minimize the amount of product used for your spreading needs compared to counterparts. Availability of Eco Ice-Melt comes in either 15kg bags or 1 tonne bags.

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Key Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lasts Longer Than Salt
  • Use 50% Less Than Rock Salt
  • Easy To Apply
  • 60% Less Corrosive Than Salt
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you spread less using this product?
Yes, the Eco Ice-Melt solid de-icer generally uses upto 50% less than salt
How does it need to be stored?
It is supplied in weatherproof bags so can be stored inside or outside
Is this Solid De-Icier more effective than using salt/grit?
Yes, the solid de-icer will reduce ice and snow bonding to the surface during and work to lower temperatures
What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is 1 pallet load of 50 or 80 15KG bags
How quickly can you deliver?
We can deliver 2-4 working days from order