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Holten Salt Storage Solutions

Holten Salt Storage Solutions

Economic timber salt storage solutions are tailored to your needs offering easy access and multiple sizes to fit all requirements. Current winter service guidance document suggests that all de-icing salt should be stored under cover to maximise the performance of the product. Timber has long been recognised as the ideal material to use for salt storage due to its inability to corrode when storing chlorides.

Safecote can now offer timber salt storage solutions to fit all your needs. From small, transportable, easy to access silos for pedestrianised areas that will hold 3 to 12 tonnes of salt, to large storage barns that can be designed to facilitate any capacity with a minimum 20 year lifespan.

Made from spruce timber to give an aesthetically pleasing landscape to any location, these silos and barns offer huge environmental benefits when compared to externally stored stockpiles, or even temporary sheeting systems. The barns are designed with either 5m or 9m doors, allowing easy delivery and loading of material within the building to further reduce environmental impacts.

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Key Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Long Life
  • Easy Access
  • Tailored to your needs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What size storage solutions do you offer?
Depends on the requirements and the product, please contact us for further information
Do you offer storage for liquids or solid materials?
Both, we offer storage tanks for liquid and fabricated or timber solutions for solid material
What is the usual delivery timescale for a storage tank?
Approx. 6-8 weeks from order
Do I need specific foundations for storage solutions
Ideally concrete base, please contact us to discuss this in further detail
Will sheeting be suitable to stop leaching?
Yes, sheeting will cover your complete stockpile and can recover the material as stock is used