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Unlike other salt sheeting systems, SafeSheet uses an innovative reusable net down anchor system, preventing the need for hundreds of sand/salt bags to be used across the stockpile.

Within other systems, these sand/salt bags have proved ineffective against wind damage and are a health and safety hazard for installation personnel. With our anchor system sand bags are only required around the outside perimeter to secure the outside edge of the cover.

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Key Benefits

  • Innovative reusable net down anchor system
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Custom made tailored to fit your stock pile
  • Protects short and long-term strategic stock piles
  • Prevents contaminated surface water run-off
  • Protects against wind and UV damage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer an Installation or Maintenance Service?
Yes, a full installation and maintenance service is available nationwide.
How much salt can be covered with Safesheet?
From small 500 tonnes stockpiles to strategic stocks of 100,000 tonnes plus, SafeSheet can cover them all.
Is the SafeSheet system only for short term coverage?
No, the SafeSheet system protects both short and long-term strategic stock piles.
Does the SafeSheet system have any affect on the quality of salt?
The SafeSheet system keeps stock in optimum condition to achieve target spread rates. As it is reusable salt stockpile cover and anchor system, this maintains quality of the salt, providing lower spread rates, helping you to meet environmental objectives.
Does the SafeSalt system prevent loss from rain water?
Yes, the SafeSalt system prevents up to 12.5% loss per annum of your salt stockpile through rain water erosion.